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Dating tips 9 things happy couples talk about

Do you have a few favorite hangouts where you like to spend a few hours over the weekend?Or did you just hear about a new restaurant or a movie that you definitely have to check out? # Gossip about each other’s lives Talk about either of your friends and their relationships, talk about work and talk about either of your favorite shows on TV.[Read: How to get over insecurities in love] # Hobbies and interests Do you like clubbing, painting or playing games? Our hobbies and interests change all the time, and keeping a lover in the loop will help both of you understand each other’s likes and dislikes better.# Silent conversations Silence is a beautiful thing in any relationship.It can help both of you understand more about each other’s lives.

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# Past relationships Past relationships are suspense thrillers in the dating scenario.Things to talk about in all relationships Irrespective of your relationship status, here are a few conversation tips that can help both of you understand each other and create new exciting conversations that can keep the relationship alive even when it doesn’t involve love and mush.# Daily individual lives Talk about each other’s daily events and activities.Hiding facts about past relationships or revealing them too soon can create insecurities and confusions that could damage a relationship before it’s had the time to create a strong foundation.[Read: Tips to talk about past relationships] Things to talk about in seasoned long term relationships Long term relationships are not easy to experience, but if you’ve been past a few years and are still deeply in love with each other, well, kudos to you!And monetary satisfaction in a long term relationship can be achieved only if both partners discuss ways to save money, invest money and spend money.# Your future together and paired goals One of the satisfying conversations of a long term relationship is the one involving future plans and goals in life.Here are a few things to talk about in a long term relationship that will ensure that both of you still think along the same lines.After all, a perfect long term relationship isn’t defined by two people in love with each other.It is defined by two people who love each other and understand each other more than anyone else in the world.[Read: How to create a long term relationship that lasts] # Talk about finances Finances and money issues play a big part in any long term relationship.


  1. Dating is a stage of romantic relationships in humans whereby two people meet socially with the aim of each assessing the other's suitability as a prospective partner in an intimate relationship or marriage.

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