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Dating terms of endearment

If your partner seems uncomfortable with the words you choose, you can always try something else.

The thing to consider in selecting one is that it should fit his personality and be something you feel good about when you call him.The formal way to refer to one’s wife “妻子 (Qīzi)”, or husband “丈夫,”are reserved for much more formal occasions.In that sense, “老婆” and “老公”aresimilar to the English slang “wifey” and “hubby.” These Chinese terms are very commonly used in daily language, and is the standard way that people refer to their spouse.“心肝” literally means “heart and liver.” While that might sound a bit too bloody for Westerners, the term is used to recognize the most important person, without whom you cannot live without (just like how you can’t live without your heart or liver.The English term “my heart and soul” might come close to the intense meaning of “心肝.” Overall, recognize that “心肝” is a very strong term of endearment, to be reserved only for those who are extremely precious to you.Occasionally, “亲爱的” can be used as an adjective for other close relationships such as: “亲”was originally created as a shortened form of “亲爱的,” but has since then taken on a life of its own.“亲”is the most popular term of endearment across Chinese social media.These terms might be popular for younger couples, but they are less commonly used by the older generation.In English, it might be perfectly normal to add “Dear so-and-so” at the beginning of a letter or email, but that’s not quite the case in Chinese.It rolls off the tongue easily and reminds your partner that you think he is sweet like, well, honey.Honey bun is an alternate of this but can get a little too cutesy. The main downside to this one is that it isn't very personal.


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