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I meditate to help with anxiety and to ground my self. Yeah me too I totally understand, but hey, your reaching out now and speaking about it now so that's amazing!! look for the positives or write it down and way it up. I was SO Stubborn I didn't think there was anything wrong with me, then I had to get real and see my defects, turns out I'm really selfish &the list goes on.

Reaching out and talking to someone else who suffers with the same thing is the BEST Medican. It's funny how as people we find it SO hard to say them 3 words, I need help, when it's the BEST thing to do and saves us a lot of pain dealing with it on our own! But I've acsepted that now, and I work on it every day to see what part I play in things. Stay positive, it took me a long time to realise I had to change and a LOT of work, but now Ive got it.

The source was what the magazine called "the police".

Fires at Gillian Chung during Edison "Artist Photo Scandal" Although Stephy was listed on Edison Chen's sex photo scandal as one of the actresses involved, which concerned her company deeply, in the end it was discovered that the photos were not real.

Wyatt (Darin Brooks) might wisely drop news that he and Katie (Heather Tom) are together as soon as Liam and Steffy’s news hits Spencer Publications top boss. The instant Liam tells Diamont’s character what’s happen, he’s sure to recalculate. But as Dollar Bill just implied to Justin (Aaron Spears), if that were to occur then the door to Steffy would also be open. Spencer’s mindless mistake in not having destroyed paper evidence of the moral crime she committed with Bill now forcibly alters whatever projections were made.

The flack from that incredible revelation would likely give Wyatie cover. Bill has been consumed by all things Steffy since he slept with her. Paternity results did confirm that Liam is the father of Steffy’s baby. Liam will never relinquish rights to his child, but also would seem strongly inclined to cut ties with his bride.

Immediately relieved, at the time she gave sarcastic remarks towards Gillian and other actresses involved.

But this is escapist fantasy, so all willing observers suspended disbelief right at that moment.Moving into the initial days of 2018, Liam will be irate, Steffy will be in shock, again, and Bill will be calibrating where the fallout leads to.As savvy B&B fans know, Steffy never denied her latent feelings for Bill after those characters cavorted in the Forrester mansion guest house.That’s a powerful question for all B&B fans to ponder as 2018 dawns.CDL is a leading source for everything linked to The Bold and the Beautiful. B&B’s final scene in 2017 was, arguably, the greatest cliffhanger of the year.It may hold that status in all of daytime, but that’s a different debate.The idea of him realizing that his wife would betray him with any man would destroy him.The fact that she did so with his father establishes a Spencer family war.pic.twitter.com/n4y4Kt Ohrv Been asked to do two shares for 2 meetings.Such a privilege I have been asked and to get to give back and share my experiences of strength and hope with others of the life the fellowship has gave me.


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