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Dating someone after a divorce

There is a lot of positives to be said with meeting someone initially in a social, non-dating environment.You can observe how they interact naturally with others without the pretense of dating.By that I mean, the "quick matches" or whatever it's called, gets depleted very quickly. So instead of trying to get numbers and build relationships, I just go with the flow and enjoy each encounter, wherever they may be. My GF I met online and while we have a lot in common our worlds would have never collided had it not been for online dating.

I know the last time I was single cell phones were still a pretty new thing, no such thing as Internet dating, and no one ever heard of Facebook. Is it harder now to date in the modern Internet age? But I found it fun to sit back in my chair at home and pick and choose who I would venture out of the house to meet up with.My experience of modern dating has been that it's pretty surreal. There are rules and codes and languages to learn in order to navigate it.There is also, somehow simultaneously, both way too much and not nearly enough filtering of what people put out there about themselves.OLD increased and improved my prospects a hundredfold.I could find highly compatible women far more easily, in sufficient numbers that SOME were going to generate chemistry as well.A saw a similar thread about marriage but for us that are dating again I wondered the same.What effect does the Internet and social media have on dating that wasn't present before?You read some profiles and they post that they traveled the world twice and then notice they have a job that barely makes minimum wages..Or that at the age of 40, they are still trying to discover themselves, starting medical school or something crazy like that.. Just go on the date and ignore the profile for the most part..That being said, I DO like the idea of how straightforward women are on the net and how many times I have been chased down like a gazelle..."But his eye, under his matted forelock, was cool and quiet, for Bagheera was his adviser in this time of trouble, and told him to go quietly, hunt slowly, and never, on any account, to lose his temper." ~Rudyard Kipling "How Fear Came" The internet has definitely made break-ups harder, in my experience.


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