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Dating site member search

Different anti-virus software solutions have detected between 30-90% of all web threats that resulted from this Exploit Kit.

Released on a Russian hacker forum in 2012, the Kit can collect significant information about a user, such as location, operating system, browser, the exploited piece of software on the victim’s computer, and exploit their browser’s vulnerabilities.

This information is so valuable in phishing attacks that cyber criminals are willing to rent it out for up to To stay safe online, especially while using email, make sure you secure your network with WPA or WPA 2 encryption and avoid using open Wi-Fi.

Open links and attachments you completely trust and scan everything you download to your computer for viruses.

Unsolicited bulk email, otherwise known as spam, is unwanted email sent in large quantities.

The benefits of email outnumber any potential risks.Choose a reliable email client (like Mailbird for Windows or Airmail for Mac i.e.), treat unwanted email with extra caution and gear up with anti-malware software (such as Norton or Avira).Furthermore, avoid downloading attachments from suspicious senders and protect your data with unique strong passwords for all your accounts.Those links then take users to a website that will try to convince them to install the malware.In many cases, the link provided in a phishing email leads to what seems to be the website of a reputable business.Thanks to this malware, cyber criminals steal millions of dollars every year, even forcing companies to file for bankruptcy.Malware is no joke, but there are certainly ways to protect yourself from it.Also, permanently delete all suspected junk email instead of moving it to the Junk folder. It is estimated that 2-4% of all emails contain some type of malware.Email attachments are one of the oldest ways to spread malware.Zeus and Crypto Locker are types of malware that infect devices through email.These are some of the most dangerous malware that can empty your bank account.


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