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Dating site breast implants

Earlier this year it was reported that the Italian Army was worried some of the breasts of its women recruits were too big and hampered their ability to get under barbed wire or over walls.There was also controversy recently over a spate of pregnancies on the frigate Sheffield.

However, the Mo D spokesman stressed that operations were only carried out on strictly clinical grounds, and not for cosmetic or aesthetic reasons.

But the Mo D defended the practice on medical grounds.

If there is an overriding psychological reason for an operation, then it would make good sense,' said a spokesman, adding that making soldiers 'happy' and keeping up morale was integral to Service life.

But the Patients' Association disputed this claim, protesting that it was more difficult to secure breast implants on the NHS because of a crackdown on 'unnecessary surgery'.

Tory defence spokesman Iain Duncan-Smith pointed out that half the Royal Navy's warship fleet is tied up in port, scores of RAF planes are grounded, and the Army needs both personnel and firepower.


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