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Dating site messaging

So how do you maximize your chances of seducing on Tinder dating, the app geo meetings?First profile and contact Tinder dating site The first thing she will see you, it is your Facebook profile picture or your photo catalog. Photos are your first line to distinguish yourself from the competition.Instead, only the girls you find cute and you gave them a heart and in their turn they did the same to you.If the interest is mutual, only then will Tinder grant you access to messaging where you can exchange freely.With a very simple and fluid interface, everyone can get started and make friends.As its creator Sean Rad “a real encounter, but more cool.” It is only available on mobile, this has the advantage that wherever you are, you can log in and also the application meeting Tinder is made ​​for it.Its strength lies in the Geo-localization, it sorts for you people who are close to you.Unlike other dating sites that require maximum information: who you are, what you like, etc.

Once connected via network Facebook, Tinder shows you a selection of profiles corresponding to your geolocation, age and sex that you can set.

It is mainly considered as a game and this is why registered quickly become addictive.

Depending on where you are, Tinder dating site will provide you a list of users of the app in your neighborhood or geographic area (you can adjust the slider to 10km, 100km around).

Once downloaded, Tinder recover some of your data on your Facebook profile: That’s it, your profile Tinder is ready for mass appeal! (If you forget, take a look at the The Social Network). ” replica, to tell if the person in front of you is beautiful or not.

Tinder whole concept is based on information from Facebook.


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