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At not only does several of our staff have these certifications from every scuba manufacturer (including the ones who are no longer in business!

), they have hands-on working knowledge of gear from old double-hose regulators all the way through the newest equipment available today.

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read more Superior selection - As an authorized retailer of 130 different manufacturers of scuba and snorkeling equipment and accessories chances are if you are looking for a specific piece of gear, we can provide it.

Rental tanks can usually hold 80 cu-ft at a rated pressure of 3,000 psi.

Divers refer to tanks by their capacity, so a typical rental tank is called an "Eighty." When you get started with scuba and take your first open water course, the instructor will likely assign a smallish 65 cu-ft tank at first.

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Picking the right tank is just as important to enjoying scuba diving as picking the right mask, fins and other gear, if not more so.

The test date is permanently stamped on the cylinder if it passes inspection.

In this example, the test was performed in June of 2001.

How many scuba repair facilities can offer you instructors with experience as the Technical Director for several major manufacturers? Who else to help you with your dive equipment needs than a sales staff that has in-depth experience repairing, designing and building your scuba gear?

Superior Geographic Experience - Most dive shops have somebody on staff who may have visited the places you dive most at one time or another.


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