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Dating scam fraud reporting and protection Free4flirit

You should report the scam to a government agency so you can find out about your rights and options. Here is a list of who deals with what Australian Communications and Media Authority ACMA: how can I report spam Spam emails that request your personal or banking information should also be reported to your bank (only use contact details that do not appear in the email). Before completing it, please read our privacy statement.Advance fee fraud is when someone asks you to pay a fee in order to get something valuable.Promises made in this kind of scam can include inheritance payments, overseas trips, job offers or cars.

They can get hold of this information through various online and offline methods.

Sometimes advance fee fraudsters will say a number of payments are needed to release your prize, but the promised prize does not exist.

If you have given money to an advance fee scam: A remote access or technical support scam is when someone offers to fix a problem with your computer by connecting to it.

Cyber crimes can extensively damage your computer or other devices and rob you of personal information.

That’s why it’s important to use security software and be cautious.


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