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The anniversary was also marked with a screening of 2010: The Year We Make Contact at The Royal Observatory Greenwich (which includes in the widescreen version only a cameo of Arthur sitting on a park bench feeding the pigeons in front of the White House) -- trailer here. It is just publishing its 50th edition under its fourth editor, the SF author Pierre Gevart. Wells Society (Timisoara) publishes 45th anniversary edition of Paradox. Formed decades before the end of communism, the SF society was named after H. Wells who was a known socialist, so as to escape censure of the authorities (who could close down societies and terminate meetings on whim).

Plus the Clarke (fiction) Award people are Kick Starting an anthology 2001: An Odyssey in Words where each story is exactly 2,000 words long. January sees Pierre's 50th issue though it will be the 92nd (or is it 91st) edition since the magazine was founded in 1996 under the editor of Stephanie Nicot. The issue number 41, was edited and was to be dedicated to Joelle Wintrebert, but it never saw print.) Anyway, happy 50th Galaxies. The 45th edition contains book reviews, non-fiction SFnal essays, some fiction and an article by one of SF² Concatenation's founding team members, Tony Chester, in English.

Without a convention to distract us there was much socialising and turns taken in sight-seeing tours.

Roberto then left for an SF writers convention in Italy (the nation's only long-lived SF writers convention as other Italian cons have either a broader or a different genre focus) after which he went on to Genoa. Meanwhile one of our book review panel members, Duncan Lunan, has had an abortive move to Ireland and is now back in Troon albeit at a different address.

If you fancy an informal SF gathering in a rural Bedfordshire pub with a large beer garden, 1-minute walk from a rail station the feel free to contact us.

Likewise Wonder Woman could well benefit from the American diversity vote in addition to being one of the best superhero SF/F cinematic offerings of last year. (One of which won the Hugo and another short-listed for it.) : J Neile Graham for her work as Workshop Director of Clarion West The World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement Awards winners for 2017 were Marina Warner and Terry Brooks. The British Fantasy Awards were presented at Fantasy Con, Peterborough.

The short list for each category was decided upon by nominations submitted by British Fantasy Society members. The Ignotus has been Spain's national SF Award since 1991, equivalent to the British SF Awards, and is presented at Spain's annual national convention, Hispacon, sponsored by the Asociacion Española de Fantasa, Ciencia Ficcion y Terror (the Spanish Association of Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror).

The winners were then decided upon by a different jury for each category. The Award is voted on by association members, convention attendees and affiliates.

The winners were:- (the Karl Edward Wagner Award): Jan Edwards More on the 2017 British Fantasycon here. The winners were:- : La tercera fundación [Third Foundation] Also presented was the Domingo Santos Award, a special award in memory of legendary Spanish SF author Domingo Santos and decided on by a secret jury, was given to Sergio Mars for Ruedas dentadas de un reloj imaginario [Workings of an Imaginary Clock].


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