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The Pisces man is well aware of the latest in men’s fashion, so you will see him sporting the current styles in clothing and footwear.

Leaning toward the impractical side, this man tends to acquire more than he really needs and will often buy on impulse.

This inner focus of the Pisces man makes him mysterious and enigmatic to many people.

It is hard to dig down to what he’s really thinking or feeling and he does not betray his own confidences lightly.

Getting in Touch With Your Sensitive Side Putting Your Heart into the Relationship Signs That Work Well With Pisces Community Q&A Pisces men can be wonderful romantics, so maybe they're a little pie-in-the-sky. On the other hand, they can often be insecure, needing reassurance from time to time.

He gives everything when it comes to romance and holds nothing back. Once he finds the right partner he will be a devoted companion and faithful lover.Like any current, this relaxed approach often belies a deeper underflow.The calm, collected facade of a Pisces man often hides his passionate and sensitive inner turmoil.As perceptive as he can be, the Pisces man can also be impractical and find himself making financial decisions based on emotion rather than common sense.Easily influenced, the Pisces man must be wary of those who are trying to sell him financial advice, insurance, properties, or get-rich-quick schemes.Even though he doesn’t normally jump into the role of leader, the Pisces man possesses a powerful, yet restrained disposition and is often called upon by friends, family, and co-workers to lead them through a crucial situation.Often called a daydreamer, nevertheless, the Pisces man is always there when needed!This man needs to use his creativeness, and when allowed to do so, will devote himself wholly to the tasks at hand.It would be worth it for the Pisces man to consider careers as a counselor, writer, musician, detective, social worker, or architect.The illusory world of dreams, shadows, and secrets is as valid to the Piscean as the reality of this one, sometimes more so.Ideals, ideas, and the imaginary – a Pisces man espouses these above the more ordinary reality of physical sensation.


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