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Ato Essandoh exuberant and amusing Victor and Judith Roberts' sly Aphrodite have the easiest time in terms of enlivening the lengthy discussions, but all four actors handle the wordy format quite well. Hourie Costume Design: Devon Painter Lighting Design: Gregg Mac Pherson Sound & Original Music: Lindsay Jones Running time: 2 hours, includes an intermission. Sloan Foundation Science & Technology Project at EST, 549 W.

In the Alexander poems that now prolilferated, the hero was depicted as conqueror and lover; he tamed andc mastered the wild horse Bucephalus, descended into the underworld in a glass barrel, and was always the perfect chevalier courtois.Tesla's Letters introduced audiences to a little known contributor to the story of electricity while The Secret Order provided a backstage look at the often Machiavellian practices of the medical research community.In String Fever the story of a once aspiring first violinist in a symphony orchestra coils itself around the concept about matter being the sum of microscopic strings.Indeed, the free verse, now dominant not only in the US but around the world, has become, with notable exceptions, little more than linear prose, arbitrarily divided into line-lengths.But there are two sites where sound is once again being foregrounded.The latest contribution to this worthy festival, Luminescence Dating, takes us into the archeologist's world.Written by Carly Perloff, the artistic director of San Francisco's prestigious American Conservatory Theatre, and directed by Will Pomerantz, this new play lives up to its billing as a romantic comedy about history, art and the timelessness of love and loss.Since everything is played out on a single set (evoked with admirable authenticity by Troy C.Hourie), it falls to the actors to sandwich details about the Angela/Nigel romance into their discussions about their projects, and arguments. If you capture the intense shots of radiation the earth gives off, you can figure out how much time has elapsed since the last heating of whatever clay object has been buried. Locked within the soil are the secrets of that heat." The many blackouts give a somewhat frustrating cinematic feel to the production -- frustrating because they make one wish that this might indeed be a movie or teleplay with flashbacks instead of blackouts to release us from that confining playing area and actually see how Angela broke her foot, observe the love scenes (including Victor's affair) and the private Greek tragedy that caused Nigel to abandon Angela.On a more personal note, Angela is still reeling from her one brief detour into flesh and blood love during a summer dig in Cyprus.The affair with Nigel (John Wojda), a British archeologist who specializes in military history, filled her with joy while it lasted but ended disappointingly when he up and disappeared abruptly ditched her without explanation -- leaving her quite literally in a ditch since she had a broken foot and the romance bloomed when Nigel began carrying her down to and out of the ditch they'd been digging in.


  1. Carey Elizabeth Perloff born February 9, 1959 is an American theater director and playwright. Her play Luminescence Dating premiered in New York at The Ensemble Studio Theatre in 2005; it was coproduced by A. C. T. and Magic Theatre.

  2. Apr 19, 2005. The latest contribution to this worthy festival, Luminescence Dating, takes us into the archeologist's world. Written by Carly Perloff, the artistic.

  3. Andrew Perloff Has Issues Some Small Rule Changes to Bring Offense Back to the NFL. Less offensive holding, narrow the uprights and more rule changes that.

  4. Marjorie Perloff. archived at the British Library up until May 2000 — seven-hundred years after the date fixed by Dante for the start of the Comedy's journey.

  5. Victoria Perloff was born in London March 1973. Victoria studied Fine Art at Byam Shaw School of Art from 1993 to 1996; became a Freeman of The Worshipful.

  6. In addition, Perloff has written a number of award-winning plays, including Luminescence Dating, Higher, and Kinship; has taught for many years in A. C. T.'s.

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