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Dating people from other schools

The many opportunities for travel and exploration at HBS also helped solidify our love.

We are both world travelers, and have a mutual love for adventure.

From my friends it seems as if online dating is the best way to meet those people. Try to bring your partner to as many events as possible, make them a part of your section, and spend the extra time it will take to explain what you are going through – socially and professionally.

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(Personally, I think dating is painful enough without having to stick a needle in your arm, but who am I to judge?

Sarina Hickey (MBA 2016) met her fiancé Drew in discussion group during their first year at HBS.

We checked in with her to learn more about dating during business school, and how common it is for sparks to fly between classmates on campus. There is a pretty significant amount of people who partner up at HBS.

A few connected over the summer before attending HBS, or in the social activities at the start of HBS, and then throughout the two years whether on trips or through mutual friends.

I think it happens because there is a lot of alignment on the outlook of life – you want to be stimulated intellectually by your partner, and the most amazing perspectives and topics come up daily while at HBS to facilitate those conversations. I wasn’t immediately interested in him because I wasn’t interested in dating anyone.


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