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Dating my daughter form

We have the resources and family support to care for this child if it were born.

I also know this may be the only chance we have at being grandparents. I think the perspective you need here is your daughter’s.

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I have been a sympathetic outlet for him, mostly through text messages.Whenever his parents are alone with me, they sneak in questions about my family’s religion and tell me they look forward to John going back to church once he has a family of his own.I don’t want to cause tension with my in-laws, but I don’t want to lie for my husband either.Dear Prudence, My husband “John” and I are expecting our first child.John’s parents are devout Christians whose lives revolve around their church.If you don’t already have a lawyer advising you, I suggest finding one through the Disability Rights Bar Association.But the most important thing for you and your wife to bear in mind is that your daughter still deserves to have autonomy, whatever her limitations.My husband is extremely nonconfrontational when it comes to his parents.I want him to tell his parents we have no plans to raise our children in a religious tradition, but he won’t do it.They have no idea their son is an atheist, although they know I am.They are assuming that John and I will take our children to church.


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