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Your drums span a significant number of serial numbers, representing several years of production. Gretsch Drum Dating Based upon the serial numbers you provided and the 6 ply shell on the 15" tom, I suspect that the bulk of your drums are from about 1976 or so and the 15" tom is from about 1979.

Note that these are estimates based upon the information I have gathered and are subject to a few caveats which are all described in my guide.

I have recently acquired a Ludwig kit that consists drums the previous owner collected along the way.

I looked at the online guides and can't see 7 digit numbers listed. I have no doubt that the drums are original, but just wondered if anyone had any insight onto dating the 7 digit serial numbers?

The serial numbers are as follows 1353968 16' tom 1353969 13' tom 1512733 22' bass 1528925 20' tom 1529284 14' tom 1832992 15' tom The kit is champagne sparkle.

I can't recall if they have 2 badges, but I'm playing that kit tonight, so I'll look. I looked last night, & the 8x12 Sable Black tom I got last year (2010) has one badge. I bought the RS 8x12 late in 2008, or early 2009 (can't remember), & it has 2 badges, so they would have stopped doing 2 badges on toms between '08 -'09....maybe '10....

BTW, Ludwig has *always* had a 26" bass drum available (*since they started offering them).

My '07 kit had 2 badges on the toms, but I got a couple drums in 2011 and they had one again.

My original SC kit was Sable Black and had the Mach Lugs.


  1. Serial. 1961–62, No number. 1963, No Number – 7900. 1964, 9XXXX – 33449. 1965, 108532 – 259XXX. X's were not actually used in the serial numbers.

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