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And: is it an album, a drawing-book or a convolute?And who is the artist, from which country (Italian perhaps? Cher Monsieur, chre Madame, Je travaille actuellement dans le cadre d'une thse de doctorat sur le matriel d'orchestre d'un opra donn pour la premire fois l'Opra de Paris en Novembre 1836.That is why we are trying to appeal for some help towards the specialist community.We would need to know more about the VDL paper maker (Van der Leyde? The artist of my drawing may well have bought his paper with him from It is possible to identify the right period of the Van der Ley watermarks of which I do attach a couple of them found in the same paper (where a nice piece of the Giudizio Universale from Michelangelo was engraved)?One of the maps was found on the Library of Congress web page and the bibliographic description of the document refers to a watermark Strasburg fleur-de-lis over the characters VDL, which might enable to date the document of ca. Here in we dont have many paper history bibliographical resources, so it is quite difficult for us to investigate the VDL watermark.It may be that the Hp paper was also manufactured by Blauw; two manuscripts from Berlioz' tile carry both the Blauw shield and the letters HP". En vous remerciant pour votre aide, Mato Crmades To Mato Crmades : Je ne connais pas le papier que vous dcrivez, mais il faut savoir que la contremarque "D & C BLAUW" a t copie et utilise pendant tout le XVIIIe s.

I'm working on a bequest of prints made by the Austrian artist Hugo Henneberg who died in 1918 and was best known for his photographs.

Sur certaines pages du mme feuillet, on peut voir en filigrane le monogramme de la manufacture de papier Dirk et Cornlius Blauw.

Kern Holoman, spcialiste des manuscrits de Berlioz a rencontr cette mme association de filigrane dans certains manuscrits de Berlioz.

I don't know where the sheets were made but hope that the watermarks will provide some information about it. Briquets Filigranes or Piccards Wasserzeichenkartei Stuttgart will probably yield similar watermarks of these types.

Two of the watermarks (#1 and #4) in your pdf-file are crossbow watermarks, one (#3) is an anchor in a circle surmounted by three leaves, another (#2) is difficult to discern, something surmounted by a trefoil, the last is a man walking holding a stick over his shoulders, enclosed in a circle (#5) apparently found in a marbled paper endleaf, probably 18-c.. I do not have the standard watermark reference books ready to hand, but you can check yourself in a research library, f.i. By the way, watercolours in the sixteenth century is an anachronism, the proper denomination is coloured drawings.


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