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Dating latin miami

Almost all of this city's ugliness is confined to its mainland. I have seen black guys with "colored" Latin girls, but honestly, you will not find too many of those in affluent areas in Miami.I am sure no one will bother you due to your race, but since you will likely be hanging out in upscale restaurants/bars in Brickell, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, and South Beach (places where, overall, there really aren't many black people), don't be surprised if people are "surprised" that you have a white date.

Or does it have a lot more to do with socio-economic status, and a wealthy black guy would not be treated like a second class citizen?

Thanks for all your help, JHey everyone, Thinking of moving to either Seattle or Miami (due to no income taxes in either state, I pay out of the highest bracket so no Income Tax makes a huge difference for me), and so far Seattle seems to be very racially tolerant.

Thanks for all your help, JYou have found contention centered around race, whereas I have always had issues with culture/language here in Miami.

There appears to be A LOT of interracial dating, especially between blacks and whites which I consider to be a great litmus test for racial (in)tolerance.

One would think Miami would be even more open to interracial dating, but from what I've read that is not the case.


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