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Companies spend large sums of money on gifts to their clients and customers.With businesses gift giving, a sense of competition develops to give the most original or thoughtful gift. Single female 30's, looking for a serious relationship which may lead to marriage.Gift giving in Japan is deeply rooted in tradition with gifts given not only for social occasions, but also for social obligations -- gifts given when indebted to others, both family and business.Oseibo gifts are typically given to friends, colleagues, teachers, clients or customers, and to anyone he or she is indebted to.These gifts are specifically given to pay back favors received during the year.Bosses, colleagues, parents and relatives are common recipients.

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The recipient can accurately determine the value of the relationship by the monetary value of the gift.The emphasis is on the act of giving rather than the gift itself.The value of the gift is of less importance than the presentation and thoughtfulness in which it is presented.After receiving a gift, the Japanese send a "thank you" gift called an O-kaeshi.These thank you gifts are common for illnesses, funerals, weddings and births. Sophisticated, fun loving, fit, educated SJF, approaching 50, starts looking again for a sincere educated gentleman who works and plays hard. Seeks someone who supports my idea and enjoys living together for the rest of our lives. You will have a beautiful best friend, good chef, big flirt for fun and great listener to your dreams or even problems. I would like to meet western gentleman ideally British in his 30s. Single Japanese female in 40s, petite, intelligent and considerate, working in Tokyo wants to share quiet enjoyable time over good music with nice single gentleman. Ochugen originated as an offering to families who had a death in the first half of the year and still takes place two weeks before Obon, the Japanese holiday for honoring the dead.Nowadays, gifts are given as a gesture of gratitude to the people who are close to them.There are many customs and rules specifically related to the wrapping of the gift that play an important part of the gift giving custom.They even go so far as to imply your feelings towards the person receiving the gift.


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  4. Learning Japanese table manners is easy. See these basic tips for proper Japanese dining etiquette before your next outing or business lunch.

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