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Other, less devastating floods occurred in July 1968 and on 25 June and 20 July in 2007.

Margaret Wintringham succeeded her dead husband at the Louth by-election in September 1921, to become the Liberals' first female MP, and Britain's third female MP.

A small booklet about this rare survival is available from the church gift shop.

Much of the town centre is lined with brick buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries.

One woman climbed a chimney to survive, another was the only survivor from a row of twelve terrace houses, which were destroyed by the flood waters.

Four stone plaques exist in the town to show how high the water level reached.

The town's skyline is dominated by St James' Church, Louth, the spire.

A recent survey has confirmed the height of the stonework as 287 feet 6 inches (87.63 m) and to the top of the cockerel weather vane as 293 feet 1 inch (89.33 m).

In form the Cross is of the 'ring' or 'wheel head' type, the central design being of Christ crucified. The Cross and its implications for the archaeology, history and the early church in Louth are discussed in a major article by Everson and Stocker The Cros in the Markitte Stede'. Substantial records exist in the churchwardens' accounts from 1501 onward for the construction and use of the wheel which was to become known as The Wild Mare.The station was also the start and terminus on the Louth to Bardney Line which opened in 1876 but closed in 1951 to passengers and to freight traffic in 1960.The station closed to passengers in 1970 and so did the Mablethorpe Loop Line and the section from Boston to Louth of the East Lincolnshire Railway although the section to Grimsby remained in use for freight traffic until 1980 when it also closed and was removed.At some point, following his death, a shrine venerating him was established at Louth.Æthelwold, the Bishop of Winchester from 963 to 984, was actively seeking relics for his newly rebuilt Thorney Abbey in Cambridgeshire and sent his monks to Louth to raid Herefrith's shrine....heard of the merits of the blessed Herefrid bishop of Lincoln resting in Louth a chief town of the same church.Louth is the principal town and centre for a large rural area of eastern Lincolnshire. James' Church, Hubbard's Hills, the market, many independent retailers and Lincolnshire's last remaining cattle market.Louth is at the foot of the Lincolnshire Wolds where they meet the Lincolnshire Marsh and is known as the Capital of the Lincolnshire Wolds.It also confirms it as one of the very finest medieval steeples in the country Though shorter than both Norwich Cathedral 315 feet (96 m), and Salisbury Cathedral 404 feet (123 m), in terms of spire height it is the tallest medieval parish church in the United Kingdom.The building of the spire commenced in 1501 and was finally completed in 1515. The Louth Cross is on display within the church and a small booklet is available from the gift shop.Human remains, found during archaeological visits to Louth Park Abbey during the 1800s, in 'a little space surrounded by a ditch', were believed to date from the Civil War as two cannonballs, from that era, were found with the bodies.The Louth flood of 1920 occurred in the town on , causing 23 deaths.


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