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Educational activity in higher education sector in Ukraine is carried out on the ground of licenses.

A license is issued separately for each specialty and contains information about higher educational institution name and its location (including its separated subdivisions), and also about licensed amount (maximum number of persons, to whom higher educational institution is able to provide higher education regarding specific specialty and degree according to education standards).

According to the admission requirements of higher educational institutions (HEIs) in 2017 (Decree of Ministry of Science and Education No.

1236 dated October 13, 2016), the HEIs of Ukraine are enabled to carry out admission for Junior Specialist program.

It is also a complex of teaching and organizational arrangements aimed at helping people to acquire knowledge, abilities, and skills in chosen vocational areas.

Academic competence according to the educational qualification level of “Specialist”, which is being provided by HEIs and was started prior to enactment of the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education”, shall be continued within the time limits of the educational period according to the relevant educational and professional program and shall result in granting state standardized document on higher education – Specialist diploma.

The last admission for the educational qualification level of Specialist shall be conducted in 2016.

A professionally oriented Master program comprises 90-120 ECTS credits; a research program comprises 120 ECTS credits.

Admission to the Master program is provided on the basis of Bachelor degree.


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