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Dating delilah

Either way, this is a a sweet song, even if it is an imaginary relationship. Most everybody thinks this is a sweet song, and maybe that's the intention, but this is the way I see it...At my camp it is the perfect slow dance song, minus the fact that everyone is so tired of hearing answer to what someone responded with the last time i posted which was ages and ages ago, it says the release date is 2005 but all last summer i heard it like every 2 hours like radio stations do with new songs so i am confused as to how a 2-year-old song gets airplay as if it is a fresh new one..it really released that long ago and just now caught on last year? there is another song this site that was the same way, played every 2 hours or so but was supposedly released in 05. Notice that this is a one way conversation, from the guy left behind, to the girl "a thousand miles away".Plus, it seems apparent to me that they'll never work out in the end.

Amber and Morris are spending almost every day together and, according to our sources ... I just think the interpretation lies with the listener. Have a concert because of this song, we buy tickets because this song easy to understand for the ESL student all over the world. The only song that can possibly me more obnoxious than this one is 'Roxanne' by the Police (by the way I like the Police). Was this released 2 years ago and it didn't get big or promoted til now?? I still love him and talk to him all the time and I know he misses me too but theres nothing either of us can do,we plan on getting back together next summer,but weather that happens Im not sure....... I say semi because we're not an item, but we could be except for distance. this song is NOT about an child predator, Delilah is in her 20's.Tom Higgenson WROTE it, so techincally it is by the Plain White T's, smart one.Anyways, this song is pretty good except it's hard to change the lyrics because Delilah is 3 syllables and _____ is only 2! And it doesn't sound anything like Simon and Garfunkel..Amber Rose and her new boyfriend, Monte Morris, are serious ...so serious they've decided they're gonna be in an exclusive, committed relationship. i heard Tom met her after she attended a show of theirs.and once he wrote the song about her, Delilah went to see it performed while her boyfriend waited out in the car! Have you noticed how radio stations play decent music over and over until you are just sick of it?I have to agree with Addy from Toledo, cause he´s a thousand miles away, but still she looks pretty? and two more years shell be done with school, and hes already done??uhh someone call "to catch a predator" lol I Am in long distant relationship...though most of the time.is just a thrilling experience.has its dose of ups and downs.major cause is the distance.cant be the rest of the world.cant do what the others similarly in love might do..just painful and frustrating at times.. .day i received a mail from him"plz.download the song called "hey there delilah"..plain white t's..belive me gall.will be shocked.."i was realy taken aback.i followed his orders.i was spell bound..!!!!!!!!!!!!Yes, the chords are simple and so are the lyrics, but that just adds to its charm. On his Rand R he came home for 2 weeks and we became pregnant.. I'm having a girl and we are gonna name her Delilah.i am from Hong Kong and I like this song. makes me cry because her bestfriend was murdered about 3 months ago by her own dad . Matt from Cherry Hill is the most intelligent person on here so far because he knows what he is talking about.I don't think its about a pedophile; I don't know what the author intended. English is not my first language, I like this song. I cannot help bet laugh at the people who find that it 'reminds them of so-and-so'. Although I disagree about the song "sucking", he is correct in that NEITHER THE PLAIN WHITE T'S NOR ANYONE IN THAT BAND wrote the song "Hey There Delilah". It says the release date is 2005 but I hear all over the radio now on all the top 40 stations everywhere I have been in the country the last 3 months(Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma). I met a boy I fell in love with from a different continent but he didnt want to keep it going long-distance as he wanted us both to live our lives free.


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  3. Plot. The series is centered on a pair of highly trained young adults, Delilah and Julius, who were both orphaned children of special agents. Together.

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