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The dating scene is tough these days, especially for hard-working singles putting in 60-plus hours at the office every week.

Dating a co-worker, either a superior or a subordinate, can negatively affect your job performance, leading to unsatisfactory evaluations.

Additionally, what may seem like harmless flirting to you may be offensive to other co-workers, thereby creating a hostile work environment for them.

In fact, 30% of those polled in the survey reported that they themselves had dated a co-worker at some point.

But according to the State Supreme Court of California, not only can consensual workplace relationships create a hostile work environment, but employers can be held liable if and when such situations do occur. Department of Corrections, involved several subordinates who allegedly received promotions in return for consensual sexual favors.

Such relationships can interfere with work and productivity, proving disruptive to the workplace on the whole.

I run a small company and am wondering what the consequences are of starting up a romantic relationship with one of my employees, and how it will affect my business and relationship with other employees.

I know romantic relationships with people who work under you are discouraged, however why are they discouraged? Other employees may end up resentful and there will be a drop of productivity if so.

The workplace environment became one where the plaintiffs claim they began to wonder what they, too, would have to do to advance, according to

Legal and political fall-out from this high-profile case proved widespread, as changes were made in California law requiring companies to train supervisors in how to prevent this type of hostile work environment.


  1. Dating Follow us iStock/gremlin INDY LIFE. but this could have messy consequences of its own — a defamation lawsuit.

  2. Because of the risk to employee morale and the possibility of a lawsuit. dating relationships between coworkers. Corporate Fraternization Policies.

  3. Feds sue Houston over sex discrimination, retaliation claims at. Feds sue Houston over sex discrimination, retaliation claims at. according to the lawsuit.

  4. The dating scene is tough. dating can far outweigh the convenience of a consensual workplace relationship. decide to enjoy a consensual relationship.

  5. False workplace gossip can result in company. I stand by my contention that even seemingly innocent gossip about coworkers is at best a foolish waste of.

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