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The ribbon here tells it all with the battle honors listed: Winchester, Port Republic, Cedar Mountain, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Dug Gap, Resaca, New Hope Church, Pine Knob, Kenesaw Mountain, (P)Beach Tree Creek, Atlanta, Savannah, North Edisto River, Goldboro. Whitehead & Hoag sticker still on reverse - very nice badge in extremely good condition.- Image of Harvey Smith, most likely of the 14th Michigan Infantry as it was in the album belonging to John Burgoyne of the 14th with the above 77th Pa CDV presented to Burgoyne.One of the 4 Michigan Regiments (1st, 5th, 6th, & 7th) that made up Custer's Michigan Cavalry Brigade with the Army of the Potomac.

Cut Nose during the massacre murdered 18 Women and Children and 5 Men.Lincoln stepped in and reduced that number to 38, who were hanged on December 26, 1862 in the largest mass execution in US history.Little Crow, according to the inscription on the image, was the leader of the uprising.Not often do you see photographs of the town of Gettysburg. Early view taken on Little Round Top showing the view that the Union forces had looking north.Mostly seen are the battlefield, veteran and monument views. Early view taken on Cemetery Hill showing several Parrott cannon on the old original park iron carriages and the town of Gettysburg in the backround. Early view taken near the Rose Woods showing the Confederate dead gathered for burial. Card is in good condition but has a wrinkle in the right side of the photo - Image of Capt. Holloway - Danville, Illinois photographer's back mark.The person I purchased these from was an antique dealer and had unfortunately split up the album instead of keeping it together so this information is all I have. Has a positive campaign note on bottom mentioning a plus for Grant's previous term " Despite the annual large reductions of the rates of taxation., the public debt has been reduced during General Grant's Presidency, at the rate of one hundred million dollars a year " (wouldn't it be nice if we were working in that direction today). Document shows the enlistments in 1814 & 1815 and this pay roll is dated April 30, 1815. In 1862, in Minnesota what started as a dispute over hunting lands, a Dakota from a small hunting party murdered a white family of five and as a result the Dakotas decided to attempt to run out the settlers by raiding other white settlements. Abraham Lincoln ordered General John Pope to Minnesota to suppress the uprising.Carte has rounded corners and fading of text near the bottom. Pay roll sheet of a Company of Artillery commanded by Capt. The document is in very good condition with only some separation at edges of folds. This resulted in the arrest and conviction of over 300 Dakota Sioux that were sentenced to hang.Laid paper - Some separations at folds but otherwise in very solid condition.- This pair of glasses once belonged to the author of the book 'Spectacles of the American Revolution' - though they don't date that early. Many believe these were developed for a medical eye condition. He joined the 83rd and was with them from 7/5/62 until 8/5/64 when he resigned. wearing a kepi, it is ID'd in period ink on the bottom of the front and in pencil on the reverse.Glasses have four panels of lenses, two of which can be moved to the side of the eye to block the light. Either way it seems every Civil War collection has a pair. While in, the 83rd took part in the battles of Waverly, Tn., Stones River, Tn., Fort Donelson, Tn., Clarksville, Tn. While not listed in the data base, in the Wall's 'History of Jefferson County', Casey is noted to have been wounded at Fort Donelson (shot through the arm) and having a horse fall on him, crushing his leg. Casey enlisted into the 1st Illinois Cavalry but his Company was detached to the 83rd Illinois Infantry where he fought most of his entire time in the army.7 3/8" x 11 3/4" Hand written warrant from Captain Jacob Batchelder's Cavalry Company directing those listed in the company to appear at a designated location for inspection and review. When this can be found the price is normally in the 0 range and in 50 years of collecting and dealing has been the first one I've had. Bust view shows Casey as a 1st Lieut., it is ID'd in pencil on the bottom of the front and in period ink on the reverse.Cavalry documents from the War of 1812 are very hard to come by. Francis Lord in the Encyclopedia of the Civil War' and the antique spectacle collectors on their sites list them as sharpshooter's glasses due to the frosted amber lenses with a round clear amber center. There is staining and some rough edges but is intact which is a wonder considering the fragile nature of the paper. Casey enlisted into the 1st Illinois Cavalry but his Company was detached to the 83rd Illinois Infantry where he fought most of his entire time in the army.


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