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Dating cash money tds

You can ask the bank, what should be the date of payment in this case on form 26QB or challan 281?

and who will be responsible if the deal does not go through?

The problem was out of Rs 100, the buyer paid Rs 10 as a token money and Rs 80 was supposed to be disbursed by the bank.The seller will get almost 1.5 to 1.8 times the sale value and buyer A & buyer B will fight with each other for the property.I have addressed this issue in my post, 5 Steps to Close Home Loan of a Seller.It is quite surprising that in a couple of instances, banks insist on advance payment in a property deal.Such instances are against the existing rules and regulations.In some cases, the sub-registrar insist on advance TDS payment for property registration.To summarize, TDS compliance is buyer’s responsibility as per income tax act.Though it is highly unlikely but any unforeseen event cannot be ruled out.In short, TDS as an advance payment in a property deal is a BIG NO even if it is 1% (in the case of resident Indian seller).In short, intentionally or unintentionally banks are putting buyer’s money at risk.In other instances, buyers are trapped by over smart broker or seller.


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  2. For salaried people, TDS deducted can take care of advance tax payment and hence, rarely any extra payment would arise. Senior citizen age of 60 years or.

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