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Their excellent voices, though regrettably underutilized, are put to good use in “Picture Perfect” and “Reality Check,” calling out our obsession with ‘selfies’ and the false images of perfection we project online.Jiang shines in a standout performance as undecided Julie, questioning whether she’s in the best place she can be (“The Best Place”) and ultimately helping lead us to one of the night’s most insightful revelations – that we are all sometimes guilty of forcing others to play a role in our own stories.Full of hope, Meg sets out to meet her prince, win his heart, and catch the last BART train back to Oakland before midnight.But in a world where success is measured in “likes” and love is found by “swiping right,” all bets for a happy ending are off.If you are looking for a specific category of photo, use this menu.You may select to display only photos from certain categories, such as Special Paintschemes, Flight Deck photos, etc.Photographers must have 100 or more photos in the database before their name is included in this selection menu..The 'All Photographers' selection is the default selection for this option.

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The more solemn, introspective pieces are lovely, too, spotlighting some of the incredible voices on stage.Some menu selections include a generic aircraft model, as well as more specific variants of that airliner.These variants are denoted by a - before the aircraft name.It takes courage to shed our misguided fairy-tale notions and break free from the pressure to conform.“I’m not giving up on my dreams,” Julie explains to Marcus, “but I’m giving up on yours.” Jiang’s beautiful voice only accentuates her knack for acting and reacting to the other cast members throughout the show.There must be at least 20 photos from a specific airport in the database before that airport is added to this list.Use this option to include only photos taken by a specific photographer in your search.“If you’re straight, hot, and white,” he tells her, “Tinder is like magic, (more or less).” Meanwhile, in couples’ land, Julie (the exquisite Sarah Jiang) and Marcus (Jackson Thea) are at a crossroads.Marcus wants to settle down with Julie, move to Texas, buy a dog, and crank out a couple of kids. well, she doesn’t exactly know yet, but she’s pretty sure it isn’t that.She urges him to take a step back and explore other options.Marcus does just that, inviting his new Tinder match Meg to a “super cool party” at his San Francisco apartment.


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