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Dating and phone etiquette

Ignore it Always reply to genuinely decent responses, even if the answer is ‘No’.Always be polite and kind, especially if the answer is ‘No’ Never be too busy to respond appropriately Reply as soon as possible. People are individuals, so, personalise your replies Aha, you have received a promising response or two and you are going to reply Start with a friendly greeting End with a friendly goodbye Use gentle humour if it is part of your personality Punctuate your statements with – (smile) (frown) (beaming) (thinking) or :-) Keep it brief, relevant, light, breezy and interesting Allow the communication to flow Do not get personal Do not trifle with anyone’s emotions Allow the friendship time to develop.Nevertheless, deceptions do still occur and both sexes are guilty of this.

5: Dating Cell phones and social media have certainly changed the dating scene.

It’s hard to believe anything needs to be said when it comes to walking and texting, but sadly it does.

Just last year a government report revealed that pedestrian deaths are on the rise.

Since 2009, the number of deaths has increased by 15 percent.

2013 showed a staggering number at 4735, which equates itself to one pedestrian death every two hours.4: Public Dealings What about how to act when dealing not with loved ones or friends and family, but with casual acquaintances, employees serving you?


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