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Dating and job search

Even after getting an employer reply, the minefield continues into the interview stage.Whatever the extenuating circumstance, many a promising seeker, as well, in that it cuts down on time-to-hire.The app facilitates communication at a rate of 23 percent, meaning one in five requests is accepted.Weave employs a Tinder-esque interface and a matching algorithm to allow users to swipe through potential professional contacts in their area.Caliber describes itself as a that help you build, maintain and monitor a network, Caliber empowers users to maximize them through sleek, non-invasive and direct communication.Caliber CEO Andres Blank said the app has more than 4 million searchable profiles, including 1 million in New York City and San Francisco.

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Intro, an service, allows users to generate digital business cards from their profiles, select what information they want to share and share it with others.

Savvy, formerly Poacht, targets “motivated women” in business, and further explores the passive searching approach by working to place female talent in positions across the Fortune 1000.

According to founder Maisie Devine, Savvy asks users to set their salary and benefits preferences — as well as harder-to-define traits like willingness to leave — then matches them with interested employers.

Indeed, for the most in-demand to serve the new sector.

After all, there is a growing army of artists, freelancers and those simply looking to make a few extra bucks.


  1. This ultimate job search guide is the step-by-step game plan to land your dream. Has up-to-date contact information including my customized LinkedIn URL.

  2. You can track the companies that you apply to, note each specific job that you apply for, and log the status of each application date of first interview, date thank.

  3. May 11, 2017. Economists don't look for jobs in the same way the rest of us do. They are way too rational. They have a system that looks a lot like speed.

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