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Important Note: This means that newly minted, just graduating teacher candidates, and those just completing their teacher preparation programs will want to have their completed Alaska Teacher Certification packet submitted and received by Alaska EED no later than June 29, 2017 to avoid the new training requirement.

Training must address the following areas: Teachers with an existing and valid teaching certificate in another state or US territory can apply for an Initial Out-of-State Certificate, and be exempt for one year.

It will bear the same certification area as your other state of certification.

For the first one-year extension, the following items must be received by the Teacher Certification office prior to the expiration of the Initial/Out-of-State certificate: Depending on whether you have already met the Alaska basic competency examination requirement or not elsewhere, and completed a Bachelor's degree and teacher preparation program - which most teachers have - this certificate would be valid for a period of up to 3 years.

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As specified above, most teachers certified in another state will want to apply for an Initial / Out-of-State certificate.

With a series of recent changes to teacher certification in progress now, it's especially important to realize that we are not the "the experts".

This section of our website is only meant to provide an overview of the process and requirements.

If you meet the requirements as outlined on the application forms, you will end up with a certificate.

All teacher and administrator candidates must be fingerprinted, and pass an FBI background screen.


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