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Several voluntary groups were also set up via social media, in order to try and help the police.However, social media as channels of communications proved to be not entirely beneficial, but also a source of confusion and misinformation.

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Short, transitory information Big Data makes it possible to achieve research results that cover a wide range of issues, and can tell us a great deal about developments in the world in many different areas.However, it has also changed the way SINTEF researchers work.Even those not working in the major internet companies can still access Big Data.Comparing data These volumes of data can therefore provide us with useful information.However, Big Data can become a problem when different sources of data are compared for commercial use in targeted advertising campaigns.'The surveys show that the messages people have been posting have been getting shorter each year,' says Brandtzæg.'This reflects the increase in other types of fast social communication, such as Twitter, which has achieved huge popularity because it is about expressing oneself briefly and concisely in a maximum of 140 characters.We do this either by moving around passively -- our behaviour being registered by cameras or card usage -- or by logging onto our PCs and surfing the net.The volumes of data make up what has been designated 'Big Data' -- where data about individuals, groups and periods of time are combined into bigger groups or longer periods of time.Research advantages Petter Bae Brandtzæg of SINTEF ICT points to the huge research centres now developed at internet companies such as Facebook and Google.'The advantage they have is the enormous volume of data that other social researchers can only dream of,' he says.


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