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Dating allowed chinese culture

My Chinese female friends told me that they allowed their boyfriends to hold their hands after dating for two months and to kiss them after half a year.

I bluntly asked how long it would take for them to allow sex with their boyfriends.

Chinese girls, however, may like to do a bit more shopping with their boyfriends.

In China, it’s not uncommon to see a girl walking down the street with a guy lagging behind with several shopping bags, or some guys sitting for hours in the shopping mall, playing on their cellphones while their girlfriends are trying on countless dresses and swiping their credit cards. In China, a guy mostly pays the bills on dates, but he will not pay for his girlfriend’s shopping safaris unless the girl becomes his wife.

Chinese people are somewhat superstitious and they take great importance to marriage.

The Wedding Letter 迎亲书 (yíng qīn shū) is the formal letter that welcomes the bride to her new husband’s home.

This specifically refers to the year, month, day and distinct hour the couple was born.

The matchmaker would then present this to a fortune teller 纳吉 (nà jí) to predict the couple’s future.

China had a feudal society for over two thousand years. As a result, the woman would be discriminated against and would be regarded as a whore.

She could not go back to live with her parents because it was such a humiliation. Therefore, virginity is still a big deal to most Chinese women, even though China is a very modernized country where fans are upgraded to air conditioners, black and white TVs are upgraded to LCD screens and mud houses are upgraded to skyscrapers.


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