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Dating advice secrets

Why do I feel uncomfortable when the woman I just started talking to asks me a simple question about who do I live with and I explain myself with a purpose to not look like a loser.The conversation then becomes awkward and I start texting memories not fully explained, she tells me I’m random and texting weird but little does she know she hit a nerve.Anyway, I want to spend more time with her alone she even told me that we should hang out sometime the problem is that I have no idea what to do or what to say I have never gone on any sort of date ever and I really don't want to fuck this up Honestly, I couldn't see myself in the future with a boyfriend or husband.My past relationship was actually an ’almost relationship’ & another was through sex app and suddenly we were in ’long distance relationship’ and that's it.

I feel like I'm starting to feel I never truly liked anyone.Im damn sure that would work, but I’m not prepared to uproot my life over this.A couple of you have suggested I may be blind to her flaws and perhaps that’s the way this post has come off but HOO BOY am I cognizant of them. I’ve also seen some insinuation that sexual attraction might be a sizable factor.Anyways, I’m an independent man that is able to support my mother and she is not able to work because she is on disability.I feel like it is a turn off to women knowing the guy their talking to lives with their Mom.A big point that’s being hit on is that I need to see her for a long while.Unfortunately (doesn’t feel so unfortunate if I’m being honest) I’m in a situation where we kinda have no choice but to see each other at least three times a week.I was just alone and was obsessed with the idea of being in love.I'm 26 and I'm starting to genuinely question if I'm even capable of truly liking someone.Like I just felt like I needed someone because society told me I needed to or sexual urges or loneliness when in reality I dont think I ever truly liked or loved anyone and possibly never will. Starting to think I'm not meant for this type of stuff. Lets meet for coffee and in 5 minutes we can get more out of it than weeks of texting. A girl I meet in real life rejecting me never bothers me.Why do I have to stare at my phone exchanging meaningless shallow texts with a girl for weeks before she finally agrees to meet with me? But for some reason it bothers me when it happens on online dating.


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