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Keep that in mind and you might be able to teach us a few things, or know when it’s wise to search for someone at your own level of growth.9: Brace yourself, but a lot of us never went to Studio 54.

Men are sexy and handsome at all ages, and with experience comes the desire for substantial relationships above all else.7: Your beards are getting too long.

But we do all love Cher, because not loving Cher is somehow just wrong.3: Not all men over 40 are dads, and even those who are don’t always like to be called Daddies, unless it’s by a child we’re raising.

Stay away from the label unless you know we like it, or unless you want us to send you home without supper.4: You don’t need to look at us with sad eyes if we say we don’t want to get married.

Gay rights didn’t happen by magic, but they could disappear faster than you can say “abracadabra.”16: Lady Gaga really has been copying every Madonna look, image, and video for the last several years.

Trust us on this one and move on.17: Kissing rocks! If you’re lucky, you’ll eventually be our age, so you might as well start learning about the pain and beauty and hope and hurt and heartbreak that comes with age.


  1. Jul 22, 2015. Constantly in a tailspin with the same old audio tapes playing in your head? Do you always say "Gay dating is such a chore," or, "Gay men just.

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