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Dating acoustic guitars

Use only a reputable luthier(for the bridge to"fall" off typically means that it got heated to 150 degrees F. It has the numbers 106544-1, stamped into the heel on the inside of guitar. handmade rosette, ebony fretboard and ebony strip along the back of neck.

# 00144 and if yours is anything like mine its well worth fixing.

Any information regarding this instrument would be appreciated. All in has is a model number of "A9414" and another number stamped into the inside of the guitar of "61218".

I am trying to find out about a beautiful little classical guitar. Hello, I have an aria 12-sting guitar but I don't know how to put an age to it. I have owned a beautiful Aria 12-string, model 795 since the mid 70's. Any way I can get more info about this particular guitar? i like to no worth, when made,and if it is a (dreadnought) ?

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Here is the serial number on neck plate stamped 2030915 A sticker on the heel of the neck PB02XDBS There are no indications stamped or stickers relating to where it was manufactured as of country or manufacturers Last l would like to know a close proximity of its value in today's market (blue book) as well what a new one would go for if still made! 7/6/16 USA I purchased my guitar in summer of 1970 from Bernardo's Guitar Shop on Brooklyn Avenue, Eat Los Angeles. I have an aria sg electric guitar, full pick guard, 2 humbuckers, natural finish with diamond inlays. If anyone can help me figure the date and possibly the value of the guitar it would be much appreciated. I have got an Aria Diamond (Hollow body) and I am struggling to find out any information about it. If anyone can help with any information regardig the age ect it would be much appreciated. Ultimately it doesn't effect the amazing performance(action,intonation,tonality,resonance) of this guitar, but a history would be great. If that's true, then our 2 guitars were perhaps made by the same person maybe a few weeks apart. Hi there, I got a 12 string Aria guitar that I can not figure out when it was made since the serial number is 20, and the model is A 734, looks vintage, I had not found any kind of info for this numbers, One rare thing is that it has a gibson style headstock... i'm tring to buy hard shell case for it and i don't even no what stile it is. It has original friction pegs of rosewood and a solid cedar top.

I need some info regarding my Aria Pro ll Mad Axe Bass Guitar. ser no is in gold under lacqueron back of headstock is 078026 i would love to know a bit more about it cheers Hello! Dave from Louisiana - I just got a 5102G at a pawn shop i Austin with serial number 962667 that came off the line two guitars before yours! I still haven't figured out why they'd have different numbers unless the necks and bodies came off different lines. Also I think my puckups are P-90s, not the gold covered humbuckers I've seen the catalog picture. The serial number on the label inside the sound hole is 00081, which I think means made in 1970 and the 81st made that year of that model. i bought a aria acoustic in 1973 model # 6810 serial #248294 or #248224 . Greetings, I have an old Aria flamenco guitar with lighter body wood (probably cypress), model A543FS, serial # 00068.

Acoustic guitar action refers to the height of the strings above the fretboard.

It is also used to describe the general feel and playability of a guitar.


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  3. The manufacturing of Aria guitars were subcontracted out to Matsumoku from 1964 to 1986. Rumor has it, although I can't find confirmation, that the Indonesian factory was thought to be to be an Indonesian "slave" factory.

  4. In a semi-acoustic guitar, where there is no solid body to create a chamber to house the electronics, these components are pushed or pulled through.

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