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Dating a computer science guy

The ability to find a soul mate is becoming extremely difficult for anyone interested in science of technology.

Computer science students remain single because of the concepts and ideas taught to them throughout their studies.

Girls do not like being used and therefore will not date a user, let alone a super-user.Although putting as little effort as possible into a project is very rewarding, showing no sign of incentive will quite often scare away any interested lady.They like to know that effort is actually being put into the relationship.Unfortunately, this idea works wonders in computers, but does not work nearly as well in life.Females do not like being replaced simply because something new is on the market.There is very little that can be done to debug this to get a desirable result.By taking the shortest, fastest and easiest route or by issuing commands in a relationship, it will only lead down the shortest, fastest path to living life single.Lazy evaluation is leaving things as they are until it is absolutely required to evaluate them.Significant others appreciate when they do not have to do everything themselves.If the output is other than expected, the commands are checked and modified until the final outcome is what is expected.When applied to human beings, commands hurt feelings.


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