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2 million netted by Bonhams at the 2011Stafford Show Judges throw out No To Bike Parking Tax case Dymag relaunched Tory MP moots dangerous and recklesscycling law Hailwood's TT Cromwell to be auctioned Hobgoblin Enfield Bullet winner New ethanol warning T120, T140 & T160 clutch cush drive "rubbers" from Tony Hayward MAG gets a grip Harley-Davidson 883 Super Low Sportstergets a Watsonian chair Two Norton racers added to Bonhams' Quail Lodge auction Kawasaki W800 suspension mods Spring Veterama 2011Cylinder Head Shop ties up with BLREngineering and G&S Valves Francis-Barnett: The Complete Story Bike death on Mike Hailwood memorial run BSA A7, A10 & Ariel Huntmaster dynamo belt drive kit Captain America's chopper on the block UK Government switches drink driveemphasis to drugs Shadows' bassist Jet Harris dies Moto Guzzi celebrates 90th birthday Pre-65 Motocross Club extra event Electric bikes debut at the 2011Red Marley Hill Climb New rocker book from Mick Duckworth Welcome to The Manor Cafe Bristol cars go in administration Battistinis Retro Revival Steve Mc Queen bounds back on the big screen1938 350cc Excelsior Manxmansells for 26,640Dave Degens at South of England Ardingly Classic Bike Show Vinnielonglegs under the hammer50 years of the Welsh Dragon Rally Charge warning light driver Round Kurland Latvian Rally Mike Hailwood Memorial Run Triumph Tiger 90 register Crash Card launched at the Ace Cafe VMCC raffles a T160 Triumph Trident for 2011Harley-Davidson Sportster Custom KLN 804, where are you?Douglas: Light aero engines from Kingswoodto Cathcart Bonhams' Paris Grand Palais Auction draws near...144 Lucas ammeter on e Bay. BSA Golden Flash e Book from Sump Record sales for Rolls Royce1942 Royal Enfield WD/CO for sale on e Bay WW2 Waltham watch for sale Steve Mc Queen Husqvarna for sale at Bonhams New Royal Enfield V-twin denied Carbon fibre T140/T120 frame BSA-Indian bobber on e Bay VAT rise hides dealer price hike Meriden blockade stepped up Ealing to boot bikes from bus lanes?Of course, you personally don't subscribe to the modern compensation culture and don't hold out your hand for every grievance that comes your way. But with the goalposts shifted, you could find yourself more easily shafted. So if you fall off in a pit of less than 1.57 inches, avoid the temptation to nip home and come back with a pick, shovel and vernier gauge and make the hole a little deeper. Dexxion Mc Queen's Husky breaks auction record The estimate was ,000. In simple terms, provisions within the directive will require online traders to sell their products in all EC markets whilst also being responsible for the cost of return postage for goods returned within 14 days if the value exceeds 35. Actually, it could be a very big deal for many traders, a large number of whom are hardly making a legendary online killing but are merely eking out a living on pitifully small margins.But this particular 400cc Husqvarna Cross, thanks to the Steve Mc Queen connection, sold for 4,500 (see Sump news, January 2011). Aside from the obvious return postage costs issue, internet sellers could be penalised if their business model simply doesn't cater for trading outside of their national bordersperhaps due to a limited infrastructure, staffing/language problems, or under-capitalisation, or because the terms of their business franchise simply doesn't permit expansion into other European regions.The official 2018 United Energy Around the Bay event jersey design was voted by you and we’re pretty stoked with how it looks!

If you want to make a life-saving difference in your community, help fundraise whilst competing in Le Race!

But now they won't spread the asphalt until the hole has turned into a crater at least 1.57inches (40mm) deep. It's worth mentioning that this has been going on for a long time, and that different councils apply different rules.

And that means that your claim for suspension damage to your classic heap is likely to be rejected if you can't meet the new rules. Then again, you've paid for your share of the road and have a right to expect value for money. The damage to Britain's roads caused by "bad weather" has reached a new crisis. But the underlying point is that your private definition of a pothole might not chime anymore with your local council's. Girl Happy New EC legislation threat to online classic bike spares traders Due to come into force in 2013, the EC Consumer Rights Directive could, if implemented in full (as it stands), play havoc with the business affairs of online dealers of classic motorcycles spares, and even bikes.

Ariel Square Four repro 'rods from Draganfly3D Wonderbra distraction Police predict a riot Johnny "Chester" Dowling Easy Rider special screening Scottish police need help Repro Triumph Speed Twin forks1937 Stevens auctioned for 12,980Police officer guilty of killing 60s pop star's son Canadian optical "safety" illusion1200cc shaft-drive Triumph spotted Councils cut the streetlight budget Real Classic sold to Mortons Media Helmetless bike thief dies in smash Triumph X-75 Hurricane at Cheffins Rare 1932 Triumph XO? Two killed at the Manx Grand Prix Hinckley Bonnie wheels Crash proof Volvo?

Ace Cafe Reunion Bike Parking Tax demo Velocette M Series War Department's 1940's day BSA M20 bobber Norton Commando hits 129mph at Bonneville Salt Flats Matthew Dieckmann killed in bike/car crash August 2010 Classic bike news Schwarzenegger to rule on noisy bikes Northamptonshire police compensation claims Kawasaki W800 is rolling Interesting helmet research Ace Classics to race at Goodwood Bikers carjack celebrity wife Taxi driver wasn't dead New Amal parts for monoblocs Val Emery Decals Cameron & Clegg scrap pub plans England gets the thumbs up Ro SPA's Communiqu Villiers book New three cylinder Triumph engine confirmed Road pricing survey results Drag Bike Racing - from Veloce Road sign cull Interphone The Fabulous Teddys Davida 92Draganfly's new plunger tubes ID Document Bill Morton's picture archive online MO1 magneto replacement Eddie Crooks Triumph & The Stranglers Royal Enfield Pub opens Peter Williams Autobiography Helmut Fath's outfit auctioned Sammy Miller bikes on the block8 Vincents auctioned New V5Cs TR3OC Breakfast"Lewis Leathers" Enfield Bullet Lambeth Council redefines potholes When is a pothole not a pothole?


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