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The ancient testi- monia about Monounios allow to date the burial around 280 B. The hoard leds to a reexamination of the chronology of the coinages minted by the Greek colonies in Illyria during the IV and the beginning of the III Cent.

monetary reform, but with different mint officers, names and above all different weights, which are exactly the same as those of the Roman bronze coins, and probably struck at Corinth by the praefectus of Antonius' fleet, Atratinus.

This is probably the reason why coins are almost always included in studies of the relations between Byzantium and Scandinavia, even though the numismatic evidence is often used without paying much attention to the coins themselves. Until today we don’t know other algebraic works in Byzantium. Laiou, ed.-in-chief ; scholarly committee Charalambos Bouras ... - Washington : Dumbarton Oaks, Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, cop.

In general, what matters to those using the evidence is the importation and circulation of money, not the treatment and handling of objects. I present here some typical problems involving 15The economic history of Byzantium : from the seventh through the fifteenth century. 2002This paper addresses two major issues in the study of early Byzantine coinage.

The drachmae were struck with an identical pair of dies from one of these groups.

The Dyrrhachium drachmas, struck by the city for about two centuries, are an interesting coinage showing a remarkable system of control marks, whose study permits to make hypotheses on the organization of the city’s mint.


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