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Dabrat dating

I was well known because of my looks that much I knew but to that I am sure people where going to add horrible names.I was not mean by nature, to anyone, but people judge you on your last actions so they will find a way to make me feel low. Some kids were even walking behind me laughing and giggling.

But they balked at that laughable idea because he’s the one who brought her on to the scene and she really didn’t add to LAHHATL in a meaningful way.

The pain of a thousand piercings can never compare to the pain I felt when I saw the look on Thabos face.

It was betrayal and more than that, it was a love lost turned to hate.

Besides, Bravo was not going to throw out their cash cow and ratings-producing crazy woman Joseline Hernandez and her pimp Stevie J; the wild pair make for compelling TV, Bravo reasoned.

Now that Benzino and Althea are no longer on the set, Bravo now has room and budget to bring on old-school rapper Da Brat and her girlfriend, reports Sandra


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  2. Da Brat's Ex-Boyfriend Died He was allegedly strung out on sleeping pills. Published April 13, 2016.

  3. David Alan Gest May 11, 1953 – April 12, 2016 was an American entertainer, comedian, producer, and television personality. Gest produced the television special Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Celebration The Solo Years in 2001, which was the last reunion of Michael Jackson and the Jacksons in 17 years.

  4. Are Da Brat And Her Girlfriend Joining Love And Hip Hop. Are Da Brat And Girlfriend Joining Love And Hip Hop. Rihanna Shuts Down Matt Barnes Dating

  5. Platinum selling rapper Da Brat, has made a name for herself in many ways, including prison. But now she wants to do things the right way.

  6. Da Brat talks about prison life & craziest things she's seen

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