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Cvs remove sticky tag without updating

Also, only files in the current directory can be added.

This includes source files, Makefiles, config files, It's not necessary to fill in the fields of the keyword string, or modify them when you edit a file that already has one.They're in a zip file on Cyclic Software's download site.(Cyclic Software hsa been acquired by Source Gear Corporation.) Alternatively, Win CVS provides a graphical front-end on Windows.telnet cvs fs$ cd /mnt/ram/cvslock/rg fs$ find | grep "#cvs" ./os/linux-2.4/arch/m68k/sun3/#14392 fs$ ps auxw | grep 14392 \.\.\. Virtually all tags are now created as soft-tags, which means committing them in is all you need to do!!fs$ kill 14392 fs$ rm -rf os/linux-2.4/arch/m68k/sun3 Notice that you will be killing all active CVS connections. the file is modified in your workspace with respect to the repository; without any other message, it means that the file was not modified by this update operation.If changes were successfully merged (without conflict), then cvs will note on the previous lines.And some HTML links and other references are local only.The information here is based on CVS versions 1.9 and 1.10.5 and later.If you'd like to update your CVS workspace remotely, see Nanbor Wang's   CVSup  page. to your .emacs file to instruct emacs to follow symlinks to version-controlled plain files.For lack of a better place to put the following, I'll put it here.


  1. If you'd like to update your CVS workspace remotely, see Nanbor Wang's. from a workspace without removing it from the repository first, remove the. See the Old file revisions section of this page for similar discussion of sticky tags.

  2. To decide which old version of the file you want - look at the cvs log entries % cvs log oldfile figure. Problems with Updating Old Versions - the "sticky tag". If you update a file without the "-j option" - for example % cvs update -r 1.5 oldfile.

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