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***Submission notification*** - effective November 21, 2012 -- Anyone submitting an obituary, picture, letter, biography ...

for this site SHOULD note that the person being submitted (the obituary is about that person, in other words) SHOULD have been born, lived, or died in Montgomery County (sorry, but the site is getting sooo huge, I think this is necessary - THANKS MUCHES)- kbz After all that great work on the Montgomery Murder & Massacre webliography, Suzie only got a B but now that she got that grade, at least, I can take over her project and add some more -- have a couple to add real soon -- hey, kudos to daughter Suzie -- ya' deserved an A !!

Sadie Murphy for Wanita Bratton of the Smartsburg HS who read the same at the school centennial at that place. when will thy glory fade In that heroic charge thou made Which only fate and fortress did check.

Thy heroic words of faith and candor, Through ages for justice pleads Soldiers youll never be ashamed of your commander Youll not be afraid to follow where he leads.

Lane, Senator and personal friend to President Lincoln); Lew Wallace Study (author of the book, Ben Hur); DAR house (owned by the Elston family until the Dorothy Q Chapter, DAR purchased it); and Wabash College (an all-male Liberal Arts School with less than 1,000 students dating back to 1832).

Townships include Brown (with towns of Browns Valley and Waveland); Clark (Ladoga); Coal Creek (New Richmond, Wingate and Elmdale); Franklin (Darlington, Shannondale); Madison (Linden and Kirkpatrick); Ripley (Alamo, Yountsville); Scott (Parkersburg, New Market); Sugar Creek (Bowers); Union (Crawfordsville; Whitesville); Walnut (New Ross, Mace); Wayne (Waynetown).

Thanks so much to Suzie & Jerry for the majority of them -- It's truly amazing!(and thanks to Judi Burns (Greene Co Coordinator) for the INGen Web history lesson :) I've seen 'em all come/go.Some were great (like Betty & Fred), others good, a couple not so much :) Overall, though, they tried and kept us going as one of the ONLY FREE genealogy sites.This is Charles Bennett Gillikland born in Browns Valley 21 July 1873 and died at his home the day after Christmas 1925 in Indianapolis.He grew up and married in Montgomery County (wife Mary ELizabeth Gott) and fathered four children who passed from 1969-1988 - Lawrence, Esther, Ada and Charles. IF YOU HAVE ANY PICS OF ANY OF THE TOWNS / BUILDINGS / AREAS / CHURCHES/ BUSINESSES/PEOPLE, please send them my way :) for this page and to archive in the photos section !! kbz Some of the additions below are on the new site - it will take quite a few months to get the new one up and running so if you need anything from the items below, let me know :) Otherwise, check the place they should be (obituary check there) [email protected] I began the Family Recipe pages several years ago by request of one of my list serve gals.Data contained within this website may only be used with permission of the submitter, for non-commercial research and educational activities, and for personal genealogical information.Data contained within this website may only be used with permission of the copyright holder(s), for non-commercial research and educational activities, and for personal genealogical information. I would really like to thank Jeff Scism for assisting me for the last years, he has been such a tremendous help. kbz is rich with history and owns many interesting sites, including the Old Jail Museum (with one of the only workable rotating cells); the Lane Place (home of Henry S. This site indexed by Free Find NOTE: Thanks so much to this great site for the indexing job -- this is a HUGE site and without Free Find it would be literally "hard to find" things :) Thanks, Guys & thanks to my Gen Web partner, Jeff S for helping me get this straightened out!Source: Crawfordsville Review, July 4, 1916 p 5 It might be well for us as citizens of Montgomery County in connection with the splendid celebration held in honor of our states centennial, to stop for a moment and consider from whence it received its name.Montgomery County was so named in honor of the brave and gallant young Irish General Richard Montgomery who fell mortally wounded at the head of his troops while leading a charge against the fortress of Quebec and bravely fighting for American Independence.


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  2. She dotes on her toddler cousin Majesty, calling herself 'Aunty Oh Na Na' and regularly posting Instagrams and snapshots of the adorable tot.

  3. Duchess of Cornwall's aristocratic cousin 'claimed housing benefit under Brad Pitt's Fight Club character's name Tyler Durden and duped Highland walkers into thinking he was a doctor as he charged them for refreshments'

  4. Montgomery County, Indiana is rich with history and owns many interesting sites, including the Old Jail Museum with one of the only workable rotating cells; the Lane Place home of Henry S. Lane, Senator and personal friend to President Lincoln; Lew Wallace Study author of the book, Ben Hur; DAR house owned by the Elston family

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