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Consolidating the sustenance of the turnaround

Traditional approaches to business process transformation are often experience-based, and insufficiently leverage hard process data.

Hire to Retire Hire to Retire SEP (H2R) covers hiring, training, and HR globally.

IT Helpdesk IT Helpdesk SEP suite helps improve CIO/CTO's key business outcomes for managing a helpdesk.

IT Helpdesk SEP focuses on driving operational efficiency and effectiveness to optimize the IT function of an organization, and helps customers create a road map for achieving best-in-class performance by reducing the contacts per user and cost per resolution and enhancing end-user productivity.

It is designed to help clients achieve best-in-class collections performance by uncovering the hidden inter-dependencies in the collections value stream across areas such as receipt and application of payments, collection analytics, early and late stage collections, skip tracing, recoveries, and account closure.

The targeted end state is a truly robust collections model characterized by best-in-class operational efficiencies, optimal pre-call efforts, and high workforce productivity.


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  3. Genpact's Smart Enterprise Processes Solutions covers business processes. Turnaround Time reduced. Sustenance of profitability of long-term service.

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