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Consolidating print servers

Using preference targeting, you can deploy printer connections based on location, department, computer type, and so on.Windows Vista Group Policy provides native support for deploying printers.Given that organizations are now comfortable with consolidating email and file servers, we will likely see other printer manufacturers follow the lead in printer-server-related consolidation services.Printer-server consolidation is a much smaller revenue opportunity than the markets for MPS or printing equipment, but it presents an opportunity for vendors like Canon to make new contact points in IT for the emerging managed content services solutions that digitize customer’s business processes.Adding different drivers for the same model will cause Administrative issues down the road and complexity.For example: When updating the a print driver that uses the PCL 6 driver, a lot of times, the Administrator might not update the PCL 5 or PS drivers which share the same files causing problems.In a move that signals the growth of a new kind of print service, Canon is offering a stand-alone service that fills a gap for consumers between managed print services and print-related IT infrastructure.On 19 November 2013, Canon Information and Imaging Solutions, a U.

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Printer optimization is daunting enough, and adding printer infrastructure to the task means adding a separate contact point in the IT department.The Printers preference extension enables you to easily create, update, replace, or delete shared printers, TCP/IP printers, and local printers to multiple, targeted users or computers (see the section “Targeting Control”).The figure in the left column is an example of configuring a shared printer using a Shared Printer item.This announcement follows a similar one from Xerox, but Canon has specifically identified this as a stand-alone service, which some customers need.In the past year, Gartner analysts have fielded more client calls about printer servers than over the previous ten.For Windows XP Service Pack 3: ----------------------------------------- List of print related hotfixes post Service Pack 3 for Windows XP Windows Vista Service Pack 2: --------------------------------------------- Use the same one for Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2: List of hotfixes post Service Pack 2 print related hotfixes for Windows Server 2008 have three choices. I would probably go with the Group Policy Preference (GPP) due to the easy of use and on newer O. Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7) 8a) Deployment via Push Printer Windows XP and Windows Vista Deploy the Push Printer Utility If you are on a Windows Server 2003 domain, you will need to extend your schema Extending Your Active Directory Schema for New Features in Windows Server 2003 R2 displaylang=en&Family ID=5b73cf03-84dd-480f-98f9-526ec09e9ba8 8b) Deployment via Group Policy Printer Windows 7 Deploying Printers by Using Group Policy If you are on a Windows Server 2003 domain, you will need to extend your schema Extending Your Active Directory Schema for New Features in Windows Server 2003 R2 However, it only supports shared printers and requires Active Directory schema extensions.In contrast, using the Printers extension supports shared, local, and TCP/IP printers on Windows XP with SP2 and Windows Vista.displaylang=en&Family ID=8dd99ac0-4a59-41e9-8037-f33760d560f0 1. If it’s only a Print Server Disable the Terminal Server (Remote Desktop) Print Redirection Click on Start, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Terminal Services, Terminal Services Configuration (Run as Administrator), right click on the RDP-Tcp, click on Properties, Client Settings tab, under the “Disable the following”, check the box for Windows Printer.Click on Ok Log off Log back in Click on Start, Control Panel, Printers, delete all the print queues there. Service Pack 2 for Windows Server 2008 Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 and Windows Vista Service Pack 2 - Five Language Standalone (KB948465)


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