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Conn vintige one trumpet dating updating hardware

Or is it just as likely that my trumpet was made in 1957?- morris Hi Morris, Here is a fragment of the serial number table/list: 500001 1955 571850 1956 652002 1957 718626 1958 779657 1959 This should be read as: Instruments with serials between 571850 (included) and 652002 (not included) were produced in 1956.20 documents & artifacts from The Freeman Institute Black History Collection were showcased.More items from the Collection are exhibited behind the walls.And without the weight of history of such imagery crushing down upon it, it would've been no worse (but also no more clever) than when white performers did such acts.The music at least is good, and the later Mills Brothers soundies to come would forgo storytelling in favor of recording the performance." (review by Paghat)Her voice was remarkable, filling the largest hall without amplification and reaching out to each listener in beautiful, earthy tones.Regards, Christine_________________There is nothing more permanent than a temporary solution.If it is really old, it is an early Pan American (and will have that engraved on the bell). Regards, Christine_________________There is nothing more permanent than a temporary solution.

15.5%Exactly 1.5 lbs between the two, 2" and 18 months difference!But in the context of soundie content of the time, one of the most popular '' of soundies content was fake hillbilly music by the likes of the Korn Kobblers and scores of others.So rather than thinking 'lets have some lazy rural darkies with watermelons' I'm sure the point was to have black entertainers horn in on the generally popular honky-hillbillie imagery in many a soundie.Because I appreciate the help your site has provided and I don't want to be a free-loader, a few moments ago I made a modest donation to support your site at and I encourage others to do the same. If you believe this to be an error, please contact [email protected] No manufacturer information for was found in the database. Oh, and I have an Excel sheet with every serial number and model number/name I come across.Not quite (I started at 11, and haven't played that Director for about 4 years).Instruments made in 1957 have a serial between 652026.In other words, 571850 was the first serial number issued in 1956. Caveat: This is basically unknowable unless I/we can find someone with first hand knowledge, but this list tells us when the serial number was issued.Paghat continues, "Slowy one and then the other two and then additional dancers from off screen all get up to dance to "Caravan." It pretty much turns into a 'dancie' instead of a soundie, and if you overlook the stereotyping costuming, this is pretty fine performing, including some breakdance moves from the guy who wins a trophy, though he has to stop eatin' dat watermelon to receive it.Director Josef Berne worked with many black entertainers and should've known better.


  1. I'm new to this site and jopined for some information. While I played the trumpet a kid I have not touched one in 35 years. My father recently passed and left behind a C. G. Conn Connstellation made in Elkhart, USA.

  2. Conn Vintage 1 Trumpet with Sterling Silver bell Warburton 5SV mouthpiece #6 backbore as a general rule carry a #7 and #8 backbore for situations where I

  3. Charles Gerard Conn was the patriarch of musical instrument manufacturing in Elkhart, Indiana and a pioneer in the music industry. In 1873, C. G. Conn developed a brass mouthpiece with a rubber rim to allow him to play the coronet with an injured lip.

  4. In this situation a model could have been made on December 31, 1956 but have a serial dating 1957 if it was serial'ed on 2 January 1957. Or, perhaps a block of serial numbers was reserved for a particular model and as they came off the line one serial number in that block was scratched off the list and applied to the instrument.

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