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Communicator contact card not updating

For the details, when a user subscribes to a presentity’s presence, the user can receive multiple instances of the presentity’s contact card.

One of these is published by Office Communications Server when the data is from Active Directory.

There are several parts involved in creating and displaying those profiles you see in Lync’s contact window. You can determine its replicating interval with the Power Shell cmdlet Get-Cs User Replicator Configuration.) Once a day (the default is AM) the changes in SQL Server are synchronized to Lync’s Address Book Server. To see its settings, run Get-Cs Address Book Configuration. So if we wanted to standardize all the contact photos in users’ Lync profiles, the best place to do it is in Active Directory, right?and Lynch and Outlook have also been reinstalled in an attempt to fix this, to no avail. the user was adding contacts to the wrong "Contacts" folder in outlook...I had faced a similar problem with Lync where the entire address book from the Outlook would not sync. Remove the contact which is causing the issue and re-feed it to the outlook. this meant that they were not in the "Lync Contacts" folder hence they were not updating in Lync.When one of them misbehaves, you see the effects right away. If the synchronization results in new or changed user information, the Lync client downloads it into its local cache files. In the “My Picture” section of Lync 2010’s Settings, you have three options. We recently had this happen to a recent client’s Lync Server. For example, a user’s work phone number is changed in AD. (This service is called the User Replicator Configuration.Justin Morris did a great breakdown of Lync photo controls here, if you want to read more. Some of the Lync clients did display the new contact photos. The most common solution is for us to force the Lync client to refresh. In order to force a refresh, we must force the Lync client to re-download its profile information from the Front End pool. Sometimes we will find that even we changed user's properties in AD such as department, title, phone number etc., it's contact card still remain old info seen by other users.This means that the contact does not have a number on Lync and therefore cannot be contacted, even though the number is present in Outlook.We have run a sync operation through a batch file but this only works for the length of the current log on session on the company network.Once the photos are in place for Active Directory users, they will synchronize with Lync like I described above. The Set-Cs Client Policy cmdlet has an option, “-Display Photo” which controls the default photo display options. This requires Lync to use Active Directory’s stored image for its contact photo. Two had no effect on synchronizing the address book…but one did.(Remember, contact photos must be less than 100kb in order for Lync 2010 to use them.) But we’re not quite done here. The cmdlet is structured like so: Then, run the cmdlet Update-Cs Address Book. Have you encountered an Address Book synchronization error?


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