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Cmt dating reality show

Now CMT is getting into the game with us “Sweet Home Alabama,” a reality television show with a “north vs.south” twist, where city slickers and country guys vie for the affection of one southern belle, Devin Grissom.Those are the type of guys I’ve dated in the past, the type of guys my friends are. There’s laughs and there’s been crying in just about every episode.I definitely felt more comfortable in those situations.” Yet what sets this Alabama-based show apart from the many, many other playing cupid-related reality shows is, according to Grissom, the deeper level of substance. That’s so weird for me to see, because I had no idea that any of that had happened.” And as in all reality shows, there is plenty of conflict. That’s the funniest part for me actually – to be able to watch episodes and see what goes on behind the scenes with the house and the conflicts that were happening,” Grissom said.Devin, a beautiful young Southern belle, begins her search for love by meeting 20 eligible suitors.Ten of them are traditional Southern gentlemen, and the other 10 are city slickers, who have come to the country with the intention of stealing her heart.“It’s not just a chick flick, a mushy gushy reality show. It’s city versus country, so it’s kind of like clash of cultures a little bit, as well. “I didn’t know who disliked who, who got in a fight.Boys will be boys and they’re all living in a house together, so I really can’t hold it against them that there’s some drama there.

The country guys, I was more familiar with those types of people.

Lifetime show based on long-time friends taking the plunge and try dating for 30 days.

We are casting for 30 all ethnicities and nationwide as the production crew would come to you if chosen.

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We’ve seen “The Bachelorette,” “More to Love,” “Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire,” and “Shot At Love” just for starters.


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