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Believing that it is the principal talking, she releases Sid and Pierre from their detention, and then orders the school cafeteria to replace their current menu with food from Mc Donalds.Pierre begins to realize the dangers of the Hellphone, and he advises Sid to get rid of it.Now Sid realizes that he must get rid of the Hellphone at all costs.He must deal with not only the Hellphone but with Virgile and his friends who are still out to get him.It’s a shame that this film never got a release in the United States.Right now you can only get it in a Region 2 DVD release.After Sid refuses, the two use the Hellphone to go on a shopping spree at their favorite skateboarder equipment and clothing store. Watching from a short distance, Virgile (Vladimir Consigny) and his friends Franklin (Eduard Collin) and David (Baptiste Caillaud) are angry that the upstart Sid is making moves on Angie, who he considers to be his girl friend, even though they are not going steady.Virgile, Franklin, and David grab Sid and Pierre one day at school, beat them up, and threaten them.

Even that is a rip off, because the phone doesn’t even work.Tiger (Pierre) advises Sid to just go and talk to Angie, but Sid figures that he needs to impress her first.He decides to do this by demonstrating some of his skateboarding moves.While Angie is walking down the sidewalk with her two best friends, Margot (Judith Chemla) and Clemence (Anaïs Demoustier), he skates in front of them and is showing off until he crashes into a vegetable cart that he didn’t see.While Margot and Clemence are laughing uproariously, Angie helps Sid up and agrees to meet him some time for a date, asking for Sid’s cellphone number. Now determined to get a cellphone of his own, Sid tries to gather up the money to buy one, but can only raise €30, not enough for a normal cellphone.It has a uniquely French outlook on American teen cultural norms that is quite captivating and funny.From the very beginning of the film, you are given visual treats like scenes of the two leads skateboarding the streets of Paris in mismatched high top chucks.Then in one of the funniest scenes in the movie, the Hellphone once again gets its revenge.Virgile receives a call from it in the cafeteria, and suddenly starts doing a wild striptease dance to boom box music, while the whole student body watches in amazement.This leads to a breakup in friendship with Pierre, when Sid tells him that he won’t be going to a long awaited concert that Pierre had tickets for, so he can get dressed up in a suit and tie and go out with Angie that same evening.Late that evening, after their date, Sid is acosted by Pierre’s mother, who apparently had a crush on him and received a Hellphone call.


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