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Chat with dominatrixes no sign up

They were still restrained within her strong brassiere, but they looked as if they could burst the cups at any moment. A lusty scent emanated from her hot, damp cleavage. But he fumbled with the double-strength clasps of her bra strap.

"Take my bra off, white boy," the imposing lady commanded. He'd wiggle one open, only to have it catch again as he worked on the other.

The wet vee of cotton that covered them was thickly saturated with all of the voluptuous lady's most intimate scents: work-sweat and a sharp tang of pee, together with a penetrating, creamy musk of female sexual arousal seeping from her aroused vulva. " "Go ahead and come on the little slut's nose if you want, Mrs. "Nothing wrong with a little appetizer before the banquet begins! " the voluptuous and thick lady chanted, in time to her violent erotic thrusts.

Wiry black pubic hairs, already glistening with her pussy juices, curled out from the sides. "Let him soak in your femininity for a while...before you remove your panties and make him use his mouth and tongue to pleasure you directly, front and back! " With no alternative, he pursed his lips and gave the curvy woman's wet panty crotch a fastidious little peck. And look at me—you look into my eyes while you're doin' it! " the big-bodied ebony woman cried out as she full-out fucked the slave-boy's face. " Maxine growled as she used her powerful leg and buttock muscles to increase the ferocity of her groin thrusts into Skip's face—making the solid examination table rock and bounce beneath their conjoined bodies. Her huge brown tits swung forward and back as she noisily pumped her sopping crotch harder and harder against the college boy's trapped nose and mouth.

You could tell Maxine had been a real beauty in her younger days, and even in middle age she was still hot. She looked down teasingly into his worried eyes and pressed her pantied crotch against his firm boner.

The raunchy odors of Maxine's lady parts cascaded down like an invisible fog over Skip's nose and mouth. " "N-no...don't..." pleaded Skip, frightened by the Professor's sexually explicit threats—and fearful of being smothered beneath the overheated, sweaty body of an aggressively horny lady who was bigger and heavier than he was, not to mention the same age as his own mother! "Aww c'mon, you can do better than that, baby," Maxine pouted. " She leaned forward over her big bust to eyeball her young slave's face. " Skip submissively complied, drawing in an even bigger whiff and moaning again. If not for the fat, slippery, swollen pussy lips that cushioned the force of each thunderous lusty downstroke, Maxine's aggressive face-rape might have broken the youth's nose! This went on for several minutes; Maxine's big ebony ass cheeks flexed and bounced as the hefty voluptuous Black MILF face-fucked the bound skinny White college boy, hungering for the sweet wet spasms of her first orgasm of the night. But even though Maxine's body hovered on the fringe of ecstasy, with her pussy throbbing and oozing hot pungent female juices, the stimulation from Skip's nose through her now fully soaked panties still wasn't quite enough to finish her off.

"I've had these panties on for about twelve hours now," she mentioned casually while looking into Skip's nervous eyes. "You brought this on yourself, son," Professor Vanessa retorted. "Pretend it's your girlfriend's mouth—gimme some tongue! Skip looked meekly up into the big woman's demanding brown eyes as he took a long, deep sniff of Maxine's lady parts. He continued to gaze up into the lady janitor's eyes, watching them glaze over as the stimulation from his nose sent sparks of sexual pleasure through her body. " Maxine pumped her swampy mature pussy ever more forcefully into the young man's nose and mouth, feeling lightning bolts of sexual delight as Skip was forced to take even deeper sniffs of her musky sex through the ooze-drenched crotch of her dirty lime-green panties. As her pleasure increased, she let more and more of her ample body weight onto his face, forcing his nose and lips deeper and deeper into her redolent, swollen, pantied pussy. For that, she knew she'd have to remove her panties and ride the boy's face bareback, with his tongue thrust full-length into her pussy and his mouth sucking on her big swollen clit!

With a soft plop, Maxine pancaked her upper body down onto Skip, engulfing his head in her steamy voluptuous ebony flesh.

She wriggled the sweaty brown boobs in his face as he moaned softly from fear—and from lust.


  1. Want to be a slave? Every slave needs a mistress to worship. You can find a dominatrix looking for slaves in your local area right now. Male slaves, and sissy males, are in high demand amongst dominatrixes.

  2. Making awkward small talk is unavoidable — except at these parties, where the No. 1 rule is that guests aren't allowed to engage in idle chit-chat.

  3. This story is graphic because it is true. "Are you ready for this, Mrs. Honey?" Professor Vanessa Barnes asked, with barely concealed excitement.

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