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Chat slang adult advice for dating women with kids

Lingua Franca was used from the Middle Ages until the nineteenth century, when it disappeared from use leaving only this vestigial trace.

Parlari, as it survives, partakes of numerous sources including Lingua Franca, Romani (the language of the Gypsies), "Shelta" or "Gammon" (the cant of the Irish tinkers), bits of Yiddish, Cockney rhyming slang and the less well-known Cockney backslang.

It survived among several populations that share certain characteristics: they are (for the most part) traditionally itinerant, lower-class, and share a need for a private vocabulary unintelligible to outsiders.

Beast – an adjective to describe something that’s really cool. If someone is described as “chung”, that’s better-looking than their “buff” friend.

Many words are still used by British merchant seamen.

Scholars (of course) differ about all these issues.

One of its primary uses was to talk among ourselves when the customers weren't to understand!

I have given the meanings as we knew and used them."American Riding Machine Practice equipment also called a 'mechanic.' The practicing performer wears a harness attached to a rope that hangs above the middle of the ring.


  1. NSFW an abbreviation of the phrase “not safe for work,” is an Internet slang term used to flag media containing pornography, profanity, violence or any.

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  3. Dictionary of Engnish slang with definitions, explanations, and examples

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