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Among the stolen material were satellite images and maps, the timing of raids and lists of weapons and equipment to be used.“Between at least November 2013 and January 2014, the hackers stole a cache of critical documents and Skype conversations revealing the Syrian opposition’s strategy, tactical battle plans, supply needs, and troves of personal information and chat sessions belonging to the men fighting against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces,” Fire Eye concludes.In total, it said, 7.7GB of data had been stolen, including more than 240,000 messages, 31,000 conversations and 64 separate Skype account databases. Still, several presidents have acted outside that act's constraints. Congress is supposed to have final authority to declare war, but 1973's War Powers Act lets the president temporarily deploy troops or launch attacks without congressional approval.

The victims of the attacks were based in rebel-held areas in northern Syria but also elsewhere in Lebanon, Jordan and the Gulf.Once they were downloaded, Assad’s spooks could rifle through files, select data to copy, and follow up on the target’s Skype chat logs and contacts for more phishing expeditions.The women usually asked their targets whether they were using a smart-phone or computer before launching a tailored malware based on the remote-access software called Dark Comet. and French missiles strikes in Syria: Were they legal? Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Article II of the Constitution gives the president authority to defend America's interests. But according to Fire Eye, a San Francisco-based company that advises corporations and governments on cyber threats, pro-Assad hackers also set up a matchmaking site—the company doesn’t give the name—populating it with women’s profiles indicating their age, location and interests, as well as other personal information. Cyber spooks groomed insurgent commanders, political activists and even aid workers on Skype, ensnaring them in “conversations with seemingly sympathetic and attractive women,” according to Fire Eye researchers.During those online exchanges, the women offered personal (malware-laden) photos. and France were defending international laws banning chemical weapons when the U. But they themselves seem to have skirted domestic and international laws to do so. And unlike previous hacking, the primary command and control servers being used are not located in Syria, suggesting the hackers are either based outside the war-torn country or the kind of servers needed for the espionage are not available for them inside Syria.In 2012 there were media reports of a three-day training course organized by Syrian intelligence in Lebanon for pro-Assad Internet activists, some of whom were Lebanese members of Hezbollah groups.


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