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The sheer volume of connections in a single time spent on Chatroulette that results in no meaningful interaction at all must remove this site from any list of valuable social networking sites. I theorize that many of the people on the site are simply looking for sexual gratification, though I'm sure there are users who venture in that are not looking for this; however, it is highly unlikely those users remain for long, which further reduces one's chances at making a connection that does not involve sex.Much to my dismay chat roulette was not the same as it once was in my younger 18 year old days when all you had to do was say ‘show me your penis’ and wham bam there it was.I click through countless dicks of all sizes and colors. A group of rowdy boys shout over one another into a shitty microphone. We make it 10 minutes chatting and sharing useless facts about our lives before he suggests we “play a game.” Next. He is kinder than I expected, and asks for girl advice. I learn each of their names and what they miss most about the US. We blow kisses, I say farewell to my new friends, and I go to sleep still smiling. the clientele were mostly prepubescent Justin Bieber lookalikes with voices like little girls and raging hormones left right and centre.

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Despite the warning the web address, ‘’, should have given me that chatting wasn’t really on the cards, I created my profile and sat eagerly awaiting a titillating conversation with some charming chappy. Now I am a Bamboozler with deep roots in classic rock, only the second half being true. It’s the best conversation I’ve had with anyone on this website. I go to take a screenshot of how cute we are, and ACCIDENTALLY QUIT SAFARI. Not even a single minute passed before I was reported & my IP address was banned from the site for a year.Factor in the considerable average length of time between these connections and the success rate for real connections dwindles.In my personal tests, most Chatroulette users will connect with a user and disconnect in a matter of two or three seconds.No, no, no this is not how chat roulette goes these days due to a 40 minute ban if you’re caught indecently exposing yourself.However, what I did see instead was far more disturbing…But no amount of cue card writing, teeth flossing or joke rehearsing could have prepared me for the sights I saw on this filthy ‘chat’ site. ‘’ felt a lot more like the old chat roulette, with dirty old men and raging hard-ons awry. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of Word Press.With chat roulette you can let visitors of your website to stay more.


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