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“As a former CIA officer, the idea that the legislative body would put through a bill without so much as a CBO score was shocking to me,” Spanberger explained.

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Her mission at the CIA was to collect as much intelligence as possible so that policymakers could make more informed choices.She had just started her graduate studies at Columbia University.Because she was fluent in Arabic, the CIA recruited her to be a Middle East analyst and then deployed her to Baghdad. She left to become the director for Iraq policy on the National Security Council, moved to the State Department and finally the Pentagon.Back in Michigan, Slotkin said that she routinely gets asked about global events people read about in that day’s newspaper: “Businessmen ask me, ‘I have a trip coming up in Seoul. People will then say they consider themselves independent.That’s Michigan.” Each could be well positioned to ride a wave of backlash in the midterms — if it materializes.“The thing being an intelligence officer taught me is that there is no simple answer that can be captured in 140 characters,” Ryan said in an interview.“I don’t think our commander in chief understands the complexity and the second- and third- order consequences of his decisions. War has to be the last resort in all cases.” -- Trump has antagonized the intelligence community by questioning the expertise and professionalism of employees at the various spy agencies.On the stump, each puts the heaviest emphasis on the economy and health care. ’ People are concerned about the instability.” -- Because both women are challenging Republican incumbents and Trump won each district by 7 points last year, they are running as pragmatic moderates who are eager to work across the aisle.That said, they’ve also discovered that — because the world is such a tinderbox right now — people are remarkably engaged on national security. “I am out there every day talking with Trump voters,” Slotkin said. they think I am a Republican because of my CIA and DOD experience. I say I am running as a Midwestern Democrat and that I have worked for Democrats and Republicans proudly.“We’d ask ourselves: what information do we not have? Then on the operations side, we’d look to figure out how to get that information,” she explained.“My role was to encourage people to take great risks so that our government could act wisely and make decisions based on that information.” That’s one of the reasons that the House health-care debate really got her goat.


  1. Will ICT use be the silver bullet that will rid a developing country of all of its. Specifically, drivers and barriers to ICT use need to be identified, including those. broad enough to accommodate telecommunications transmission, videotape.

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